Woodland Golf Club
Category: Corporate, Residential & Commercial Auburndale, MA
Woodland Golf Club image

Address: 1897 Washington Street Auburndale, MA 02466

Square Footage: 15,000 sf           

Type of Project: Interior Renovation

Designer: CBT Architects

Contractor/CM: AJ Martini, Inc.

Actual/Estimated Date of Completion: April, 2013 (Actual)

Project Cost: $3.6M

Description: Compass oversaw all program support activities during the design, construction procurement, construction, closeout and move-in phases of the Woodland Golf Club Renovation Project.   This first floor renovation to the clubhouse included all design, construction, procurement and installation of fixtures, furnishings, and equipment required, in order to completely renovate and repurpose central social, dining and toilet room spaces located within the Clubhouse.

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