Norwood High School
Category: Public K-12 Schools New Construction
Norwood High School image Norwood High School image Norwood High School image Norwood High School image

Address: 245 Nichols Street Norwood, MA 02062

Square Footage: 227,500 sf         

Type of Project: New High School and Related Site Development

Designer: Ai3 Architects, LLC

Contractor/CM: Agostini Construction

Actual/Estimated Date of Completion: July, 2012 (Actual)

Project Cost: $68M

Description: Compass worked with the Town of Norwood for over two years prior to its invitation as the first model school under the MSBA’s Model School program. During that time, the project team conducted a comprehensive analysis of over 14 new and renovation options for the 80 year old high school. Once it became evident that a new high school offered the most fiscally responsible and educationally appropriate solution, Compass worked in close contact with the MSBA to assure that the first model school was an unqualified success. As the “poster child” for the MSBA’s Model School program, the New Norwood High School was a remarkable success. The design was completed in just 5 months while incorporating nearly all of the Town’s wishes. The new school includes a university-quality library, dual gymnasiums, and state of the art technology to enhance the students’ learning environment. As a first adopter, Compass developed many of the protocols and policies which have since been adopted by the MSBA on its subsequent Model School projects.

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