Millis Police & Fire
Category: Municipal New Construction/Renovation
Millis Police & Fire image Millis Police & Fire image Millis Police & Fire image

Address: Fire Station - 885 Main Street Millis, MA 02054; Police Station - 1003 Main Street Millis, MA 02054

Square Footage: Fire Station - 9,500 sf; Police Station - 10,600 sf

Type of Project: New Construction

Designer: CDR Maguire, Inc.

Contractor/CM: Agostini Construction

Actual/Estimated Date of Completion: March 2017 (Estimated)

Project Cost: $10M

Description: Compass serves as the OPM for the Millis Police and Fire Station project. In response to significantly undersized and antiquated existing facilities, this project includes the design and construction of a new police station at the site of the old town library. Once completed, the police department will relocate from the current combined station. The second phase of the project includes renovations to the former police facility to modernize and transform the combined station into a sole purpose fire headquarters.

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