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Middleborough High School Project Moves Forward
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Article posted on August 25, 2016 in South Coast Today | By Matthew Ferreira

MIDDLEBORO — While still a ways off from talking addition/renovation vs. new construction, or any type of design plans relative to a Middleborough High School building project, steady progress has been made toward that end since the Mass. School Building Authority (MSBA) in Boston accepted the district’s application to consider Middleborough High School for a major building project — Compass Project Management has been hired as the owner’s project manager, Drummy Rosane Anderson, Inc. (DRA) was later brought on as the project’s architectural firm, and members of the Middleborough School Building Committee have stuck to a consistent meeting schedule since its formation last year.

Compass, DRA and building committee representatives say they would like to drive public attention to an upcoming date — Wednesday, Sept. 14 — when the first of a series of informational/public inform forums will take place. To establish a level of public awareness of where the project is currently, and what type of input would be helpful to the parties involved as the project rolls on, The Gazette recently spoke with individuals representing Compass, DRA, and the School Committee/School Building Committee.

Compass Project Management President Tim Bonfatti explained the role his firm has in Middleboro’s process.

“As the owner’s project manager (OPM) on this project, our role is to work solely in the interest of Middleboro. We’re not the architect, not the builder — we work with them on behalf of Middleboro. We’re also the liaisons between Middleboro and the MSBA. Essentially, we’re tasked with making sure the town gets the best results for its tax dollars,” Bonfatti said. “OPMs came into existence about 20 years ago because people were finding, especially with public projects, that a lot of building projects were going off track, off schedule, over budget, and sometimes resulting in disastrous construction projects. That’s where the need came in.”

Bonfatti says his firm has been working over the summer on forming an assessment of Middleboro’s current situation with the existing high school building on East Grove Street, and says MSBA’s choice to bring Middleborough High School into their process alone would indicate a dire need to improve its current situation.

“There’s studies that have been done that we’ve had access to and we’ve been in and out through the summer looking at systems, looking at ground conditions around the building and things like that,” he said. “There’s a reason why the MSBA has selected Middleboro — the building is defected. Quite frankly, it has to be a pretty dire circumstance for MSBA to accept a school into its program, so this high school obviously has to be completely renovated and likely added onto, or it needs to be replaced with a new building.”

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