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BU Today Spotlights Summer Construction and Brian Kelley
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BU TODAY July 18, 2016
Summer Construction Heats Up
University-wide projects underway

Brian Kelley has a tough job ahead of him this summer. A senior project manager with Compass Project Management, Kelley is responsible for transforming a once-glamorous 1920s Boston hotel into a modern residence hall. He is overseeing the two-year gutting of BU’s oldest dorm, Myles Standish Hall, and the Annex. 

Starting his tour outside on a brutally hot summer day, Kelley points up to the building’s brickwork, some of it being chiseled away. “We don’t want the brick job to be obvious,” he says, “so we are very careful to choose the right type and color of brick and mortar and to get the pattern to mix.” He says that in total, 80 percent of the exterior will be coming down, and the residence will get new windows and a new roof, as well as new stonework along the ninth floor.

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