Formula for a Successful Building Project

Team →

Developing the right Project Team: A capital project is complex. Several organizations work collaboratively to achieve a desired result. It is critical for the members of the team to share the same values and understand the goals, opportunities, constraints and challenges of the project. Through the application of specific processes, as well as deep contacts throughout the design and construction industry, Compass will assist the Owner in assembling the right project team to to transform their strategic vision into brick and mortar reality.

Plan →

Establishing a thorough and achievable Project Plan: A Project Plan is a roadmap. It is developed by the Team in order to achieve the Owner's vision. A successful Project Plan includes a comprehensive and complete budget, an aggressive yet achievable schedule and a detailed description of the scope of the project that meets the Owner's goals. The Project Plan also includes a communication plan, a quality assurance plan for design and construction and a risk management plan. The Project Plan is established and acknowledged by all stake holders.

Execution →

Executing day in and day out: A strong team and a sound plan result in a successful project. With hard work and fair, tough-minded decision-making, our Team executes the plan day in and day out. Compass made a significant investment in developing an on-line procedures manual, accessible by all staff, to assure the best practices of the company are implemented consistently and thoughtfully. By constantly focusing on the three pillars of our project management philosophy - leadership, collaboration and accountability, Compass strives to take the uncertainty out of the design and construction process.