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Boston University Law Tower Wins 2016 Boston Preservation Achievement Award
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The Boston University School of Law is one of the great midcentury modern complexes of the twentieth century and is considered to be a seminal urban achievement of its famous architect, Josep Lluis Sert. The largest assemblage of Sert structures in the world, this group of five buildings dramatically altered traditional campus planning in America when introduced in the 1960s. The centerpiece is the 1962 Law Tower. Since its conception, so much had changed in technology and the needs and expectations of modern educational institutions that the building no longer functioned properly. The dedicated project team sensitively repaired and restored Sert's tower, integrating a new connector structure that improved functionality, created new spaces for students, and maintained the views and visibility of the original structures both within the complex and from iconic vantage points along the Charles River. The School of Law now serves as an example of how to successfully upgrade mid-century architecture to function in a modern world while preserving its iconic features for new generations to experience and appreciate.

Excerpt from article on bostonpreservation.org.

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