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Topsfield Proctor Elementary School’s Historic Bell
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Topsfield Proctor Elementary School’s Historic Bell image

The historic bell atop the Proctor School has been silent since 1978, when a neighbor complained about its ringing. But it now has a shot at a new life.

As part of the Proctor envelope project, the bell was taken down and shipped out for restoration. Now it’s back on top of the Georgian building, and Topsfield Historical Society President Norm Isler is one of a number of people who hope it will once again sound from the town center.

Recently, Isler teamed up with Doug Goddard of Compass Project Management to give a presentation to the students. Isler talked about the history of the bell, and Goddard, who is overseeing the envelope project at the school, discussed it from an architectural perspective.

Goddard says the kids wanted to know how the bell was taken down off the roof, where it was stored, what it’s made of, and what it will sound like. They wanted to know when they’d be able to hear it.

“It was the pairing of history and then technology and engineering,” he says.

Excerpt taken from Wicked Local Boxboro article by Wendall Waters

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The Future of Hunnewell School in Wellesley
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The Future of Hunnewell School in Wellesley image

The Hunnewell School feasibility study will look to create an environmentally sustainable and modern learning environment, architects on the study announced at a Sept. 20 community meeting.

The elementary school’s main section was built in 1938, with several additions tacked on over the 20th century. Years later, the school is showing its age, with space shortages and poor air circulation creating a less-than-ideal learning environment, town Facilities Director Joseph McDonough said at a June 5 special Town Meeting.

At that meeting, the town voted to appropriate $1 million for the feasibility study of the school, located at 28 Cameron St. Potential options for Hunnewell include renovations, additions and/or the construction of a new building.

For the study, the town has engaged Norwood-based Compass Project Management Inc. as owner’s project manager and Cambridge-based SMMA as architects. At a Sept. 20 kickoff meeting, representatives from both firms gave a brief overview of the timeline and study process.

Excerpt taken from article in Wicked Local Wellesley
By Abby Patkin
Posted September 21, 2018

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Boston University Myles Standish Residence Hall Project Fun Facts
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Boston University Myles Standish Residence Hall Project Fun Facts image

As the Boston University Myles Standish Residence Hall project comes to a close, here are a few fun ... and interesting ... facts about the project ...




Total miles of drywall installed 
1,221,403 sq ft total; 30,535 total pieces of 4'x10' or 305,350 LF (57.83 miles)

Total number of drywall screws for board install

Total number of buckets of compound

Total number of rolls of drywall tape
2100 rolls or 525,000LF of tape

Total number of masonry anchors installed

Total number of windows installed

Total number of man hours spent on the project

Total number of new bricks installed

Total gallons of paint used

Number of pages in the Operations & Maintenance Manual

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